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28. July 2015.

Presevo – The first baby was born at the out-patient maternity ward in Presevo on Monday.  A.B  from Presevo gave birth to a 4 kilogram – baby boy, and according to Džejljane Ferati, MD,  the birth passed smoothly.  

The staff, nurses and doctors of the outpatient maternity ward in Presevo asked all pregnant women in Presevo to come to the out-patient maternity ward for examinations, control examinations and deliveries in their city.   

“This birth is encouraging for all other mothers too and they are invited to come and give birth in Presevo”, said doctor Dzejljane.

Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body, congratulated the parents and staff of the maternity outpatient ward on the childbirth.

“After 26 years, the first baby was born in the modernly equipped out-patient maternity ward in Presevo.  This is a success for all of us, because we  ensured that women from Presevo and the surrounding area can give birth on the premises, which by professional rules, meet the highest standards”,  said Mr. Stankovic.

The President of the Coordination Body pointed out to the staff that he expected them to comply with the high demands that their profession set before them and that they would justify those needs. 

The outpatient maternity ward in Presevo has two rooms for childbirth, an incubator, a room for phototherapy, a room for the nurses, four rooms for rehabilitation, a kitchen and other necessary facilities.

As of today, pregnant women from Presevo won’t have to go to other cities and hospitals. The outpatient maternity ward in Presevo is available to future mothers 24 hours per day. 

Source: Coordination Body