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31. October 2019.

Bujanovac – A workshop on media literacy "Find Out and Understand", which is conducted by the US organization "IREKS" with the aim of educating young people how to recognize manipulation and distinguish misinformation from facts, was held for the second time in Bujanovac.

The beneficiaries of the training, which was held at the American Corner of the Cultural Center, included university students, secondary school students, youth representatives of local political parties and NGO activists.

Certified trainers, journalists Jeton Ismaili and Skender Sachipi, demonstrated, though specific examples, the methods of identifying misinformation, influencing people by marketing certain news, and other forms of content that characterize the  media.

“I am glad that young people in Bujanovac have an interest in media education. They are big users of information, so that their knowledge in this area needs to be enhanced, "said Jeton Ismaili.

A similar opinion is expressed by Skender Sachipi, who believes that it is high time to introduce media literacy as a subject in schools.

"I am pleased that we in Bujanovac also had the opportunity to learn more about the media, especially about online media. I am pleased that this kind of activity was organized in Bujanovac and I thank IREKS for it, ”says Blerim Iseni, one of the participants in the training.

Upon completion of the four-hour training, participants were awarded certificates.

The   "Find Out and Understand“  program is implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body