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22. December 2015.

Мedvedja - The Mayor of Medvedja Nebojsa Arsic said that the Departments of the Nis-based Faculties of Law and Economics in Medvedja continued operating that year and that, upon consultations with the Ministry of Education, classes at the Departments had begun twenty days previously.  

“The enrollment for freshmen didn’t take place this year as the Ministry of Education didn’t give accreditation to the Departments in Medvedja, but the second, third and fourth year students can normally attend their classes and  take their exams, "said Mr. Arsic.

“The money that the students leave here is important for the municipality of Medvedja, because it is poor,” said Mr. Arsic, adding that that the presence of young people in the municipality, from which a lot of people move out, meant a lot. 

The Ministry of Education bears the cost of operation of the two faculties, while the municipality of Medvedja provides the transport of professors from Nis and interpreters from and into Albanian.

Multi-ethnic classes are organized at the Faculties in Medvedja.  

The faculties were opened on October 12, 2009, as the first multi-ethnic institutions of higher education  in that part of Serbia, with the idea that the operation of the two Departments of Nis Faculties would help with the recovery of Medvedja, which is one of the poorest municipalities in Serbia.

Source: “FoNet” news agency and Coordination Body