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31. May 2013.

Vranje –  In February 2013, the "NEXUS" NGO from Vranje begen implementing the project "Facilitating Access to Health Care for Roma Communities in South Serbia". The project is financed by the “CARITAS“ Foundation from Luxembourg,  while the project activities will be conducted in Vranje, Vranje Spa and Bujanovac from February 2013 to January 2014.   

The project is aimed at improving the health care status of vulnerable groups by focusing on Roma persons in South Serbia, as well as by improving the ability of women and the elderly to  take care of their health and by raising the awareness of young people about general health care issues. 

The approach used to achieve the  project's results is the work of health care agents, who will be performing a variety of educational activities and organizing peer events and activities in the community, thereby facilitating acess to adequate health care for vulnerable groups.  Representatives of the NGO “ Nexus“ will have the opportunity to continue their cooperation and deepen their partnership with representatives of health care and other relevant institutions and organizations.  

Project activities include 10 activists from the community, as well as about 1, 120 young people, women and elderly persons. The effects of the project will reach at least 3, 000 people, who will be included in presentations and in educational and promotional activities, and to whom a message about the values ​​for which the project stands will  be conveyed.

Source: NGO “NEXUS“, Vranje