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28. March 2018.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja – The enrollment of first graders in school starts on April 2 and will run until the end of May, while 65,510 children in Serbia should be enrolled in the first grade next school year.  

The Ministry of Education says that enrollment in the first grade is not specified by regulations, but that in school practice, the period from early April to late May is, every year, meant for enrollment of children, as well as that children may be enrolled in the first grade until the beginning of the school year.  

According to the data of the Republican Statistics Office, 65,510 boys and girls have grown up for enrollment in the first grade, while there were 68,068 such children last year.

The enrollment takes place at the secretary of school’s office every weekday, when testing by the school psychologist, too, is scheduled.  The documents necessary for enrollment include a birth certificate (or a photocopy of it, while birth certificates that are older than six months are also received), registration of residence, confirmation issued by a doctor that the child is able to enroll in the first grade and preschool certificate.  

Source: RTV Rhythm and Coordination Body