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24. October 2013.

Vranje – "Young people rarely choose to work in private firms and are more inclined to getting employed in the public sector. Our intention is that they discover firsthand benefits of working in the private sector, "said the Director of the USAID's Sustainable Local Development Program Howard Okman while presenting in Vranje the training program for young people in private companies.

"We know that there is a mismatch on the labor market between the needs of professional profiles and the needs of private companies. This is an opportunity for the private sector to train young people and thus satisfy its needs," said Mr. Okman.

The training of young people is part of the USAID's support to the economic development of South Serbia. Young people have the opportunity to get emplyed faster through training, private companies to get skilled labor and local governments to reduce unemployment in their area by generting more jobs. The program will be implemented in Vranje, Vladicin Han, Presevo and Bujanovac and it will support the strengthening of the workforce through inter-municipal cooperation.

Source: Economic Review and the Coordination Body