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1. August 2014.

Medvedja - The Mayor of Medvedja Slobodan Draskovic said that the majority of the population in the municipality had got electricity in the afternoon and that water from a dozen flooded homes had been pulled out of them.

Mr. Draskovic also said that the heavy rainfall washed away about 15 meters of asphalt on the road to the village of Kapite, in which an ethnically mixed population lives, and that the municipality had asked members of the Emergency Department in Leskovac for help.

“They brought three pumps and thanks to them we were able to pull out water and mud from the flooded homes”, said Mr.Draskovic.

He added that most of the houses were lying on the ground-floor, so that the water flooded all the fittings and furniture in them.

Mr. Draskovic said that a hundred or so households in the mountainous villages of the municipality were still without electricity, but that the overall situation was better than it had been in the morning.

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body