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24. November 2017.

Bujanovac - The location in the vicinity of the village of Breznica near Bujanovac is safe.   The area was investigated and three anti-personnel mines and a hand grenade were found. Funds necessary for investigating the location, which was flagged as suspicious on the map of the Mine Action Center, were earmarked by the Governments of the Republic of Serbia and the United States.

The "Stop Mines" signs, which warned people of the danger of unexploded anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, have been removed. 

“Today, we are handing over the location, which is safe, to the municipality of Bujanovac and to the residents of Bujanovac for use. We found three anti-personnel mines and a hand grenade at a depth of 20 centimeters, in an area of ​​one square meter, next to the road, where we had suspected they would be, "said Jovica Simonovic, the Director of the Mine Action Center.

De-miners searched the area of ​​275,000 square meters, which is mountainous and difficult to access. The inspection of the area began a month ago.

The Mine Action Center prepared the projects of inspecting all locations that are suspected of having the residual anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, while all the projects were submitted to donors.

Source: Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Coordination Body