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28. May 2013.

Bujanovac – The Council of Europe’s delegation, led by Sara Button, spent yesterday in Bujanovac, where its members spoke with the mayor of the municipality of Bujanovac, Nagip Arifi, as well as with the mayors of Bujanovac and Medvedja, Ragmi Mustafa and Slobodan Draskovic.

Representatives of the Council of Europe were interested in the situation in the three municipalities and in the state of human and minority rights.

Mr. Arifi said that Mr. Mustafa and he had informed representatives of the Council of Europe on the problems faced by Albanians in the Pcinj District, such as the use of Albanian as the official language, the issues in the field of education, culture, the use of national symbols, etc.

Mr. Arifi said that the report on the problems in the Pcinj District, which is to be done by the Council of Europe in Brussels, would be a requirement for getting a date for negotiations on the status of a candidate for the European Union.

The military attache of the Embassy of Belgium visited Bujanovac yesterday, too. He separately talked with Mr. Arifi, as well as with Stojanca Arsic, the Leader of the Group of Citizens Stojanca Arsic.
He was interested in the security situation in the municipality.

Source:  JUGpress