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13. August 2012.

The damage caused by drought in the Jablanica district will be known by the end of this month, when Leskovac’s Emergency Situations Control Cente and the Directorate for Economy and Agriculture prepare a complete report.

The yield of corn was decimated  because of the drought period in June, July and August 2012.

Corn was planted on 29, 500 hectares of land  in the Jablanica District. Although the precipitation in May reached the figure of 120 millimeters per square meter, the drought during the previous two and a half months affected the anticipated corn yields from the plots in the Jablanica district, so that they amount to a thousand pounds of corn per acre. Last year’s corn yield was 3, 5 tons per hectare, which means that this year's yield is 350 percent lower than the one from 2011.

Should there be any rain in the coming period, it will reduce the estimated damage to corn.   Only those plots whose owners applied full agro-technical measures during the ripening of corn will sufer  lesser damage.