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December 4, 2009

4. December 2009.

RTV “Spektri” from Bujanovac launched the activity for selecting the best mayor of the municipality in South Serbia. The competitors include mayors of the following Pcinj district municipalities: Vranje, Surdulica, Bosilegrad, Trgoviste, Bujanovac and Presevo.

The main criteria for choosing the best mayor include the attitude towards the budgetary funds, solidarity with the citizens, the drawing of foreign investments, the attitude towards private entrepreneurship and implementation of infrastructure projects”, said Jeton Ismaili, Director of RTV “Spektri”. This television station broadcasts its programs in the Albanian, Serbian and Romany languages, which is in accordance with the license it received through a public competition from the Republican Broadcasting Agency (RBA). This is the first activity of the kind that a local media from South Serbia ever launched, while the results of the activity will be published on December 25, 2009.