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25. August 2016.

Vranje – As part of this year's "Days of Vranje", the Ethno Fair and the Book Fair are being held on the town’s promenade. 

There are 25 exhibitors at the Ethno fair, who, apart from exhibitors from Vranje, also include those from Bujanovac and Nis.

Mainly handmade objects are exhibited.  There are also souvenirs made of wood and ceramics, decorative magnets, handmade dolls, bars of soap and decorative decoupage pictures.

An event that should attract tourists is the presentation of the Vranje cuisine, which will begin at 6 pm on Thursday. 

The foreground dishes will include “samsa”, as the most authentic regional dish, as well as “banice”, pies and other dishes that Vranje is are proud of.

“Summer Studio” activities started at the Adult Education Center‘s gallery on Wednesday, while a literary evening with Zoran S. Nikolic, as well as a public yoga class, have also been announced. 

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body