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21. May 2013.

Меdvedja – “The Municipality of Medvedja belongs to a group of multi-ethnic municipalities in Serbia, while the coexistence of different peoples living in it is good and it should remain as such”, said Slobodan Draskovic, the mayor of Medvedja, on the occasion of yesterday’s celebration of the Municipality’s Day. 

"We want to develop the municipality, stop migration and bring back those who have gone from the municipality," said Mr. Draskovic.

At this point, the realization of  two significant investments in Medvedja is cetrain. The investments at issue include the construction of 0. 45 megawatts roof solar power plant and the launching of the production of coal briquettes.

"We are also bringing to an end the project of constructing a plant for the production of pellets from wood into biomass. This project is has been underway for as song as two years  and the facility has been built for its purpose. The EU PROGRESS made 100 000 euros available to us for that stage of the propject. The Government of Slovenia helped us with 500,000 euros to purchase the machines, and according to the information I have, the said machines will be on their way to Medvedja on Wednesday", said Mr. Draskovic.

The Department for Road Maintenance is being scheduled in Medvedja, as well as the reconstruction of the city park and the development of planning documents.  The inital research carried out in Tulare showed that this part of the region had 80, 000 tonnes of copper and 78 tons of pure gold, so that  the opening of a mine pit is planned in the future. When it comes to tourism, the construction of a four-star hotel is being planned in Sijarinska Spa, where , after a period of 50 years, a Roman bath  will be reconstructed. 

On the occasion of the Municipality's Day, the leadership of Medvedja rewarded with 10, 000 dinars the students who had achieved outstanding results in school competitions. Such students include Andjela Simic, Aleksandar Dedovic Jovan Stojanovic, Bojan Ivovic, Miljan Radovic, Sanja Stevanovic and Aleks Kovinic. 15, 000 dinars was given to Marija Milosevic for the first place won in the Progress’s art competition. 20, 000 dinars was awarded to the the World Champion in powerlifting,  Milos Stankovic, and to the winnwers of third place at the Karate Championship of Serbia, Stefan Nikolic and Nikola Mladenovic.