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28. April 2015.

Presevo – Customs officers at Presevo border crossing discovered over 90,000 euros hidden in a woman's vanity case, for which there was no certificate of the origin of the money.  Also, of the above-mentioned sum, over 70,000 euros were seized, the Customs Administration said.

The money was found during the detailed control of the "Hyundai" vehicle, which had Turkish license plates, by which a Dutch couple travelled from Turkey, through Macedonia, to the Netherlands. They hid 92.400 euros, for which they had no certificate of the origin of the money,  in the woman's make-up kit, which was placed in the back seat among the piled up personal belongings.

The allowed amount of 10,000 euros was returned to each of the two passengers, while the remaining 72,400 euros were temporarily withheld, it was said in a statement.

The Customs Administration underscored that passengers were obliged to report any sums of money greater than 10,000 euros when entering and leaving Serbia, so that they could get a certificate with which they could freely leave the country.

The sum of up to 10,000 euros can be freely taken out of Serbia, while only foreign nationals residing abroad and domestic nationals who, based on their residence permits or work visas,  stay abroad for more than a year, can take more than 10,000 euros out of the country, it was said in the statement.   

Source: “Tanjug” news agency and Coordination Body