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28. June 2016.

Presevo - Serbia and Macedonia signed yesterday in Belgrade five protocols, whereby the establishment of a common railway station in Tabanovci was made possible , which would significantly reduce travel time by train and customs procedures on the border between the two countries.

The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure stated that the establishment of the common railway station, the "one stop shop", shortened the passing of the border by trains in both the countries by 30 minutes on the average.  

The clearance of goods procedures will be significantly faster, because the trains will stop only once. Instead of the previous two border outposts in Presevo and Tabanovci, the establishment of a single border outpost in the Macedonian territory is envisaged, where all border services of the two countries will be located.

Also, the cooperation of border police services, customs, phytosanitary and veterinary authorities, as well as the organization of railway transportation on the border line at the common border railway station Tabanovci, will be governed by the signed protocols.

The signing of the protocol on the establishment of a joint railway crossing at the Serbian-Macedonian border is part of the activities that the Prime Ministers of the Western Balkan countries defined in August 2015 in Vienna, for the purpose of achieving a faster and more efficient infrastructural linking in the region.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, “Blic” daily and Coordination Body