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25. April 2014.

Bujanovac - The Office of the Regional Chamber of Commerce Leskovac (RCCL), which covers the Jablanica and Pcinj Districts, was yesterday opened in Bujanovac.  

The President of the RCCL Goran Jovic said that the opening of the new office  was a small step for the chamber, but that it was of great importance to Bujanovac.

“This office is tasked with providing businessmen from the area better contacts with businessmen from the region and with helping them solve their problems,"said Mr. Jovic. He also said that the office would contribute to connecting entrepreneurs in the region and to economic development.

Mayor of Bujanovac Nagip Arifi said that he expected that the office would contribute to the economic development of the municipality. He also said that the construction of the building of Faculty of Economics, which is expected to begin soon, would certainly contribute to the development of Bujanovac, too.  

“The construction of the faculty will provide better conditions for studying in Bujanovac, but it is also the beginning of development of a university center out of our municipality, "said Mr. Arifi.  

The opening of the office of the RCCL in Bujanovac was attended by a large number of Albanian and Serbian businessmen from South Serbia.  

Source: Jugpress and the Coordination Body