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23. March 2021.

The Crisis Staff proposed, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted, new measures for combating the epidemic, which are valid from March 22. Catering facilities, cafes, restaurants, night clubs and bars, as well as shopping malls, remain closed.  

All food-selling facilities and cultural institutions, such as cinemas, theaters, galleries and libraries, can be open until 9 pm, and all other facilities up to 8 pm, under the following conditions:

All open facilities must ensure compliance with a measure of at least nine square meters per person or visitor. Exceptions are fitness clubs, spas, gyms and the like, which must provide sixteen square meters per person. This means that if a shop or, for instance, a hairdresser shop, has 90 square meters, a maximum of 10 people can stay inside the facility. The same rule applies to gyms - a fitness center of 160 square meters may not accommodate more than 10 people.  The number of people present in the facility includes employees too.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia notes that the inspection supervision of the measure of compliance with the permitted space per person shall be intensified, as well as the existence of COVID wardens in the facility.

Catering facilities are allowed to sell food and drinks via counters, while the delivery of food and drinks can be done throughout the day. Hotel’s restaurants and cafés can only serve hotel guests with a registered stay until 9pm.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia once again called for compliance with all epidemiological measures and appealed for the personal responsibility of all the citizens. All measures have been introduced for the purpose of protecting the health of the population and minimizing social contacts.  

Source: Serbia Today and the Coordination Body