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25. January 2016.

Belgrade – The Youth Umbrella Organization and the Association of Young Roma of Serbia invite all interested young Roma men and women, aged up to 30, to apply for the training and practice program within the project "More Experience for More Employment Opportunities for young Roma".

The project makes it possible for young Roma to acquire the first work experience, which will help increase their employability on the labor market, as well as striving to cope with the prejudices of the society in which they want to be engaged.

The Roma national minority is among the most vulnerable groups when it comes to finding jobs, and if we consider their age groups, those up to 30 years of age are the most numerous ones at the National Employment Office. By this project, we want to motivate Roma youth to actively search for jobs, so that they could overcome the vicious circle of poverty through increased Scheme of Social contact outside the Roma community. We encourage their professional and personal development in order to integrate them into the social life at the local level.

Two main activities will be undertaken as part of the project. The first one is the three-day training for capacity building and raising the employability of participants, so that they could, upon acquiring the knowledge and skills, get engaged in active job search. They will, thereupon, have an opportunity to undergo the two-month practice in civil society organizations and gain first work experience, which should contribute to their professional development.

The training will be held in Nis from February 5 to 7, while work practices will be conducted in several Serbian cities and municipalities in March and April.

All interested young Roma men and women up to 30 years of age, regardless of the level of their education and previous work experience, can apply by filling out the form at the link ( not later than January 28.   

For additional information about the project and applications, please contact Vladan Djukanovic, a program coordinator of the Youth Umbrella Organization of Serbia, by e-mailing him to

The project is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia – the Office of Human and Minority Rights - under the program for promoting and protecting human and minority rights in the Republic of Serbia, and as part of a program for improving the position and status of Roma in Serbia.

Source: Youth Umbrella Organization of Serbia and the Coordination Body