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29. September 2020.

The Association of Journalists of Serbia (AJS) issued a call for the "Djoko Vjestica" journalism award for 2020.

The "Djoko Vjestica" Journalism Humanity Award is given for media reports in print, electronic or online media that initiate and motivate individuals and the public to take humane actions and achieve goals, criticize socially irresponsible behavior in society and encourage solidarity and reciprocity.

Journalistic works published in the period from October 26, 2019 to October 20, 2020 can apply for the call.

Clips, photocopies of texts or CDs/DVDs with TV and radio attachments, as well as texts published on the web, should be submitted by e-mail to  or  mailed, in six copies, to the address: The Association of Journalists of Serbia, Resavska 28/I, 11000 Belgrade, with a note "For the Djoko Vjestica Journalist Award".

Journalists from Serbia and other countries can apply for the "Djoko Vjestica" award, if their works have contributed to humanitarian actions whose content refers to Serbia.

The deadline for submitting proposals is October 20, 2020.  Award proposals sent by mail should be sent no later than October 20.

The "Djoko Vjestica" award was established in 2011.

Source: Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) and Coordination Body