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26. October 2020.

The Resource Center organizes a training called "Organizing Online Events", which is conducted by the Trag Foundation.

The goal of the training is to support organizations to adjust their events, meetings and trainings, so that they can take place online without losing on quality and interactivity. During the training, you will be familiarized the various online tools that exist, which can improve meetings, educational games, group work, discussions and brainstorming.

The training will be created on the basis of applications and questionnaires, which interested participants should fill in, so that their needs could be met as much as possible. The training is planned to be divided into two half-day modules and to take place on the Zoom platform. The idea is to try out various digital tools, such as Zoom, Mentimeter, Jamboard, Miro and others through practical exercises, by with which you can enrich your online events and make the work easier for participants in the events.

The time frame is as follows:

Call and application for training: from October 21 to November 4

Selection of participants: from November 4 to 9

Training: November 12 and 13

Training participants will receive specially designed manuals that are a guide for future use of online tools after the training.

Those interested are asked to fill in the questionnaire, which is available on, by November 4, 2020. ,

Source: Civic Initiatives and Coordination Body