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Burnt poles in Presevo, 120 households without electricity

16. August 2012.

Presevo – The fire near the villages of Bustranje, Svinjiste and Ljanik, which are situated in the municipality of Presevo, burned down eight poles, due to which about 120 households have been without electricity for a week. The defect could be rectified over the next two to three days, said Vladan Veljkovic, the head of the Electric Power Dispatching Department of the Vranje Electric Power Distribution Company.

Mr. Veljkovic said that all medium - power wooden poles and lampposts, which had been caught by fire, were highly flammable, so that they perished in the fire, as well as all the insulators on the poles, with the exception of the conductors.

“Teams from the Vranje Electric Power Distribution Company are already in the field, the machinery for digging holes for the installation of new poles is set in motion and the necessary materials are being prepared”, said Mr. Veljkovic.
The fire that last week engulfed the Dobrosin area, in the municipality of Bujanovac, also burned down the poles, causing an interruption in electric power supply in the villages of Dobrosin and Končulj.