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28. March 2017.

Bujanovac – The Civic Initiatives NGO in Bujanovac will open a Business Info Center (BIC) on Wednesday, which will serve as a kind of educational center for young people on the development of business skills and models of inter-sectorial cooperation and support to the development of local entrepreneurial activities, information and support in job search and promotion of employability and the establishment of cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

The organization stated that, depending on the needs of the young, it would organize training and educational workshops on the development of business skills, increase in the employability of young people and support to the development of the local business sector.

The Business Info Center will serve as a resource to support small or newly established companies in the form of consulting, technical support and the strengthening of their internal capacity for business development.

The Civic Initiatives NGO will provide technical resources necessary for the operation of the Business Info Center, which will be available to young people and all other users.

The BIC is located on the premises of the Youth Office in Karadjordje Square and will be officially opened at 12 o’clock noon on Wednesday, March 29. 

Source: Bujanovacke and Coordination Body