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15. November 2019.

Bujanovac, Izmir – Among the seven doctors from Serbia who completed an emergency medicine training in the Turkish city of Izmir, called “Medical Rescue Team Training”, was Dr Bejtula Ajeti from the Emergency Medical Service of the Bujanovac Health Center.  

The training was conducted at the Turkish "International Center for Emergency and Disaster Training and Simulation" on Urla Island near Izmir, and Dr. Ajeti, along with his colleagues, became acquainted, through theoretical and practical part of the training, with the procedures for rescuing, disaster relief and triage of the injured in mass accidents. 

Dr Ajeti says he was in the first group of doctors who completed the training organized by the Ministries of Health of Turkey and Serbia and the Society of Emergency Physicians of Serbia:

“We thank Dr. Esen Usal and Dr. Hasan Odabasiogl for putting their tremendous energy, love and effort into bringing doctors from Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro to that international training center. It was a great honor to be a part of all that. We are all richer for new knowledge and experiences, but most importantly for new friends,” says Dr. Ajeti, adding that they were able to experience how taking emergency care of people in a city of 4.5 million citizens, such as Izmir, worked.

The delegation of Serbia attending the prestigious seminar consisted of: Dr. Marina Djikic (Emergency Medical Center, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade), Dr. Jelena Tijanic (Center for   Emergency Medical Assistance, Kragujevac), Dr. Bejtula Ajeti (Emergency Medical Service, Bujanovac), Dr. Zoran Stanojlović (Emergency Medical Service, Bor), Dr. Sasa Ignjatijevic (Center for Emergency Medical Assistance, Nis) and Chief Physician Dr. Miljan Jovic (Emergency Admission Office, Health Center Zajecar).

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body