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26. September 2017.

Bujanovac, Nis - The "Bivoda" company from Bujanovac is presenting itself at the Fair of Entrepreneurship and the Economy in Nis.

It is the largest regional fair, and according to Branislav Popovic, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Yumco", it is of great importance for the representation of "Bivoda", which operates within the "Yumco" company.

"The greatest number of “Bivoda” customers is in South Serbia, while Nis, as the largest city in this part of the country, is of great importance for the company market. The fair is an opportunity to make better contacts between the customers and management of "Bivoda," Mr. Popovic said.

He also said that the fair was a great opportunity to find new customers and meet with the former ones, as well as to renew cooperation with the former customers in the retail and wholesale.

“This is an opportunity to meet with suppliers, but also to support such fairs, hoping that a tradition of fair events would be established in Vranje, too, as a beekeeping fair was recently organized there," Mr. Popovic said.

 The fair of entrepreneurship and the economy in Nis will last until Saturday and it is the place where businessmen, local self- governments and entrepreneurs from the southeastern part of Serbia gather.
The gathering is aimed at providing opportunities for regional cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship, boost of the linking of businessmen from Southeast Serbia, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body