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29. December 2016.

Medvedja - The budget of the municipality of Medvedja for 2017, which amounts to 490 million dinars, was adopted with twenty-six votes for and four votes against. 

There was a lot of discussion at the session of the Municipal Assembly about the incorrect budget for last year, while the most frequent complaints of the opposition councilors were related to the way of fixing up the building facades and the criteria for approving free transportation tickets to schoolchildren.  

Councilors from the Serbian and Albanian communities objected to the method of determining the priorities for the budget. They believed that the center of Medvedja was taken into account the most, while the villages and the people who live in them were forgotten.

Ten million dinars were earmarked in next year’s budget for boosting the development of agriculture, which is the same amount as this year’s one. Also planned in the budget were funds for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. 

 Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body