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28. November 2014.

Bujanovac – “Bivoda” from Bujanovac participates in the 41st. Food and Drinks Fair, which was opened in Belgrade.

“Bivoda” will present its products at Belgrade Fair on Friday, on the stand of the Regional Chamber of Commerce from Leskovac. On that occasion, a new product “BiMango” will be presented.  

 “The point at issue is a carbonated soft drink flavored with mango and packaged in 0.5 and 2 liter bottles. The full range of our products will be exhibited on the stand, while visitors of the fair will be able to taste them”, said Dejan Djelic, the Director of “Bivoda”.   

According to him, the visitors will be able to taste not only carbonated water, but also natural “Biaqua” still water, fizzy fruit juices “BiCola”, BiOrange” and “BiGazoza” , as well as fruit juices “BiApricote” , “BiBlueberry” and “BiApple”.  

Mr. Djelic said that the factory of bottled water and juices from Bujanovac traditionally participated in the Food and Beverages Fair.  He also said that the stand of “Bivoda” products had been well-visited in the previous years, and that the plant had been given awards for the quality of its products.  

Around 350 national and international exhibitors will present approximately 1.500 different products at the fair, which will last until November 29.  

The fair is aimed at presenting small agricultural and food producers and their products, which are made in the traditional way, as well as at creating new brands and finding new markets.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body