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30. October 2015.

Presevo – After the police union had appealed for providing better accommodation facilities to the police officers working with refugees in Presevo, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia announced that three prefabricated facilities had been secured for that purpose. 

According to Jana Ljubicic, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, the police officers performing special police tasks will have all the necessary conditions there for performing their duties smoothly.

In addition, the Minister of the Interior, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, made it possible for the police officers who are engaged in the territory of the municipality of Presevo to move, over the weekend, into a completely renovated and furnished building, which is located within the Reception Centre in Presevo.  

However, as previously stated by the police union, apart from the accommodation problem, which will thus be solved, most police officers from Vranje don’t even have the most basic means of work , nor those necessary for ensuring safety at work.  

Source: Southern News and Coordination Body