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27. June 2019.

Belgrade –- The best students of the sixth grade of elementary schools from Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja, 142 of them, were awarded a two-day visit to Belgrade for their excellent school achievements.  

They saw a great many things in the capital, but sailing along two Belgrade rivers, which was also a kind of history class, left the strongest impression on them

"This is my first time in Belgrade and my first sailing.  It is very nice, I like it a lot and I hope to come again," says Sanja Serafimovic.

Bojan Filipović from Medveđa liked Kalemegdan the most.

"I came to Belgrade with my friends to visit this historic city. The city, which has beautiful outdoor areas, has made nice impressions on me. I want to come again," says Urim Musliu."

Most of the students are in Belgrade for the first time.

“I hope this will become a tradition and that all good students will have the opportunity to get to know Belgrade and our beautiful country, "said Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja.

Andrea Oricio, the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, says that he often travels to South Serbia and that he has, so far, been to most of the schools from where these students are.

"I think it is great for the youngest to travel, as well as to meet one another, exchange their experiences and talk," Ambassador Oricio said."

"This is an opportunity not only to see Belgrade, but also to understand many things better, to socialize more and to send a message – when we are together, we can do everything," said Vesna Nedeljkovic from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

These kids are the best students in their schools. They have chosen the right path, the representatives of the EU say and promise support.

"The EU, in cooperation with Serbia, has taken steps to develop the country in terms of education, employment, and road construction. When you grow up, you will benefit from all that. Education is a key point in the development of young people all over the world. We, together with the republican institutions and local representatives of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, are doing everything to make things better for you, "said Sem Fabrici, the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia. 

During this trip, they also learned something that they did not know about the capital, made new friends and saw the sights that they had, so far, only watched on television.

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Source: Radio and Television of Serbia and Coordination Body