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28. March 2012.

Bujanovac – It took the Bujanovac-based enterprise „Megal”, which manufactures boilers and the central heating equipment and which used to be a loss-maker and indebted, three years to overcome its difficulties and begin conducting profitable business operations.  

Dragoljub Kostic, an engineer and Director of “Megal”, pointed out that the recovery of the enterprise, which employs 30 workers, “wasn’t an easy task at all, considering the conditions imposed by the tough economic recession”.     

“The key to the recovery of “Megal” was the Development Fund’s loan of 40 million dinars, which we managed to get with the assistance of few experts on economic trends in South Serbia”, Mr. Kostic said.    

Therefore, after having financially staggered for twenty years, the Bujanovac-based “Megal” finished last year’s business operations with positive results. This was made possible mainly by the exports of boilers and the heating equipment to Greece. Last year, “Megal” delivered to the market 2,000 boilers, out of which 850 boilers were exported.