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22. August 2014.

Vranje – A rigorous control of electricity thefts goes on by checking the proper functioning of electricity meters, announced the Nis-based “Jugoistok” company for distribution of electricity.  The “Jugoistok” company’s teams are currently controlling the proper functioning of each electricity meter, and if they find out any defects at the measuring points, the unauthorized consumption of electricity shall be calculated, the amounts of which can reach several hundred thousand dinars, said the competent persons of the company.  

In addition, the filing of criminal charges shall follow, because the point at issue is a criminal offense.

The “Jugoistok” company for distribution of electricity from Nis asks all its customers that if they notice any defects with or damages to their electricity meters, they should report them immediately to the relevant electricity company, since under the Law on Energy, it is their duty to do so.  

The citizens are kindly asked to pay particular attention to the seals on their measuring devices, electricity meters and measuring groups, given that a large number of people recently contacted the company for this reason. Namely, they were fined for the unauthorized consumption because there were no seals on the appropriate places on their meters, which led to undesired consequences.

“The “Jugoistok” company’s teams shan’t accept any claims after they have learned about any unreported defects on electricity meters”, the Nis-based “Jugoistok” company said.    

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body