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27. November 2020.

By looking at the needs and behavior of students, we figured out that the issue of where and how to find a job/internship arises during and towards the end of their studying.  

And there are many other issues, as well as the fear that accompanies it all ... Will you be able to find an internship, or will you be able to get a job after completing studying, do you have enough knowledge to join a company, will you gain the necessary experience ...

These are exactly the reasons why we started the FB group "NajPrakse - Sa praksom na ti". The goal is to support you, and help you overcome all your fears, as well as help you find the best internship for yourself.

In addition to internship, we will share tips and news with you. There will also be something to make you laugh. And we invite you to freely share your experience if you have it, as your other colleagues will do too.

Apart from sharing your experiences, you are free to ask any questions related to your career development, and we will do our best to answer them.

You may join the group on

Source: and Coordination Body