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27. March 2012.

On Friday, March 23, awards were given to the young from Bujanovac and Presevo for their contribution to the project „The Implementation of YouthBuild Model in Bujanovac for the Purpose of Strengthening the Capacities of the Young for Getting Employed and Taking Activities in the Local Community“.      

Bujanovac and Presevo aren’t the same any longer. Over the past 6 months, 38 young men and women changed with their activities the appearance of Bujanovac and Presevo and the life of the people living in those places.

Thanks to their volunteer work, there are 12 ramps for the disabled at the entrance of schools and public places in Bujanovac and Presevo. The young painted the fences of two schools and the community center, thereby motivating their fellow citizens to join them and become active in their local communities.

They were simultaneously undergoing daily training at the Bujanovac-based Training Center, where they learned how to look for job or start their own business and how to be active in the shaping up of their local communities.   

Awards for the successful undertaking of the activities in the field and for undergoing the training at the Training Center were given to the group of empowered young persons.  Letters of thanks were presented to the donors, as a token of their support to the project.   

Bujanovac and Presevo are the first places in Serbia where the project on the YouthBuild model was implemented. The said model produced outstanding results in 15 countries throughout the world. With over 30 years of experience, YouthBuild prepared over 94,000 people for being active and involved and for being able to build their communities themselves.   

The project was implemented by the Civic Initiatives organization from Belgrade and with the support of the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, the YouthBuild International, the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia.