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27. October 2020.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the impossibility of implementing the OPENS ON THE ROAD program, the program will, in partnership with NAPOR and KOMS, be implemented in 2020 through the award of mini grants aimed at youth organizations and youth in the Republic of Serbia.

The main goal of the program is to provide support to organizations to overcome the crisis period, as well as to organize online activities for the young. In this regard, one will be able to use mini grants for the following:

  • The leasing of online platforms for the implementation of specific programs for the young,
  • Adjustment of the existing textual, video and audio content and methods to include young people with various disabilities,
  • Paying for the use of digital methods that involve a larger number of young people,
  • Purchase of the necessary equipment with a clear goal of using up to a maximum of 45,000.00 RSD gross (without the possibility of co-financing), 
  •  Implementation of concrete activities for the young,
  • Co-financing of the existing projects/programs for which it is necessary to provide funds by the end of 2020,
  • Purchase of educational material.

For further information on the amount of grants and application opportunities, please see the text of the call for applications, which is available on

The application contains 3 forms: the Project Proposal Form, the Budget Proposal Form and the Narrative Budget Overview. 

The project proposal, which should be on the forms, is to be submitted no later than October 30, 2020. Questions on the project proposals should be e-mailed to The application must be e-mailed to, while the original application forms must be sent by post to the following address: NAPOR, Narodnog fronta 35/28, 21000 Novi Sad).

The selection of projects will be done by a commission composed of NAPOR and KOMS members. Civil society organizations sign a Cooperation Agreement with KOMS and NAPOR, in which the obligations of the contracting parties are set.  

Source: NAPOR, KOMS and Coordination Body