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25. September 2013.

In the local community of Bukurevac, which is situated in the municipality of Presevo, a street was paved with asphalt. This was the last village in the municipality of Presevo with an unpaved main road.

The length of the road is 1. 4 km, while its width is five meters, which fully meet the needs of the residents of Bukurevac.

Representatives of the local authorities in Presevo were present at the opening of the road.  They were headed by the President of the Municipal Assembly Ramiz Latifi.

Mr. Latifi said that the project had cost 21 million dinars, while the funds for building the road were provided from the budget of the municipality of Presevo.  He pointed out that the said road had been planned in the investment plan for 2013 and on that occasion he wished that the residents of Bukurevac, as well as all the residents of the municipality of Presevo, use the road as much as possible.   

The Leader of the local community of Bukurevac, Cenan Ramadani, thanked the local self-government for implementing the project. Mr. Ramadani thanked the residents of the village of Zuince or the owners of the plots of land along the road, who had given their land so that the road could be widened, as its previous width was only 3 meters.  

Source: Titulli