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21. April 2020.

BelgradeThe Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted new measures to ease specific measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, which shall become effective as of Tuesday, April 21, 2020. 

In accordance with the epidemiological situation and the opinion of the professionals, the following decisions were reached:

The curfew runs from 6pm to 5am, instead of from 5pm, as it has previously run.

Citizens over the age of 65 will be able to take half an hour’s long walk on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. They will be able to use their half an hour for walking in the period from 6 pm to 1 am, 600 meters from the place of their residence at the most.

Allowed to operate are facilities in the field of providing services, such as car mechanic and tire repair shops, shoemakers, tailors, dry cleaners, driver training schools, as well as facilities in the field of retail trade, such as bookstores, dealers of motor vehicles, bicycles, nautics, technical goods and construction materials.

The green markets (both indoor and outdoor ones) have been reopened, including the use of all the protection measures.  

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has invited employers in the field of construction (erection of tall buildings and civil engineering) to continue working at full capacity from today onwards.  

All employers are required to provide workers with the protective equipment (masks, gloves and disinfectants), while work must be carried out with keeping the required distance.

Employers are required to develop a special plan of emergency measures, while employees are required to comply with it.

Those which are still unable to resume their operation are the facilities whose work implies the gathering of a large number of people, such as shops providing various services that are located in shopping malls.

Work is still not allowed when it comes to the activities that involve close physical contact, so that hairdressing salons, beauty parlors, gyms and fitness centers shall remain closed.

It is important to emphasize once again that work in the facilities that are permitted to operate from today can only be carried out if all protection measures are applied and disinfectants and protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, are used. 

Source: and Coordination Body