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30. July 2015.

Belgrade – As of today, inspections have new, greater powers. Those who have illegal businesses run the risk of paying a fine of up to two million dinars.  Inspectors obtained the new powers by the Law on Inspection Control, which was adopted at the end of April and which will be fully implemented from next year.

However, part of the regulation governing the conduct of inspections regarding illegal or unregistered work, or, as the Government calls it "non-registered entities," begins today.

Each inspection can launch its own investigation without any prior notification and issuing orders. In doing so, if it is discovered that a citizen does unregistered work, the inspector immediately renders a decision that is effective, meaning that the appeal against it shan’t stay its execution.

The goods, documents and everything that is related to the illegal activity shall be confiscated.  The discovered illegal work is to be registered, while it is also monitored whether it was done within the specified time, the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government said.

Source: RTV Rhythm and Coordination Body