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28. May 2020.

Belgrade- As of June 1, socially endangered citizens with higher incomes than has been the case so far will get facilities for paying electricity and gas bills, which will enable a multi-member household (six or more members) with a monthly income of up to 35,696 dinars to exercise that right, the “Evening News” daily reported.

Thus, as a requirement for acquiring the status of an energy-endangered customer, the upper income limit for the families with the greatest number of members was raised by 670 dinars. The increase in the income limit for other households ranges from 280 to 530 dinars.

This has been provided by the new rulebook of the Ministry of Mining and Energy. This document determines the limit of monthly household income on the basis of which one can acquire the status of an energy-endangered customer. The Government Decree determines the requirements for acquiring that status.

Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic said that everything had been done to make the procedure easier.

“All those who receive social financial assistance or child allowance should not apply for this measure at all, since it is automatically granted to them. The income limits are, through the rulebook, set twice per year, which are brought into line with the growth of consumer prices, so that people with higher incomes could also apply," Minister Antic said.  

This measure has been in force for only a few years, but, as he stated, it is already used by about 75,000 families that have these benefits every month.

Minister Antic called on all those who believe that they meet the requirements, to exercise that right through local self-governments and the centers for social work in them.

“They have very clear instructions. We specified the categories in relation to the number of household members and their monthly income by the decree and the rulebook ", Minister Antic said.

The decree stipulates that during one calendar year, an energy-endangered customer may opt for reduced monthly bills for only one energy source.

Source: “Beta” news agency and Coordination Body