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April 28, 2010

28. April 2010.

US Financial Assistance for South Serbia

The United States of America have invested, through the USAID, over 70 million dollars in South Serbia, mostly in the infrastructure and development of economy and culture, said the US Ambassador to Serbia Mary Warlick after  talking to representatives of the local self-government in Vranje.

"We encourage all US investors to invest in South Serbia, which is an integral part of Serbia that is making big steps towards the European Union, “Ms. Warlick said in Vranje, which she visited for the first time upon her appointment.
The US Ambassador said that Vranje may serve as an example to other towns in Serbia when it comes to economic development.

Ms Warlick pointed out that the US embassy in Belgrade would continue encouraging US companies to invest in South Serbia, as well as that the US embassy had long-term contacts with Vranje in that respect.

"So far, the US government funded 35 projects in Vranje, the value of which is 1.3 million dollars. Out of the said amount, 430,000 dollars were provided through the USAID. Each and every of those projects has its place in the development of our local community“, said Miroljub Stojcic, the Mayor of Vranje, in his speech in which he thanked the US Ambassador for the provided financial assistance.

The US Ambassador paid a visit to the National Library in Nis, to which the US embassy had donated the IT equipment valued at 4,500 dollars.

"Libraries, as repositories of books, should provide readers not only with books, but also with the latest IT possibilities. Although we try to teach children to hold books in their hands, we should also prepare them for the increasing importance of networked computer databases“, the US Ambassador said.

Ambassador Warlick underlined that the computer equipment would help with digitizing the National Library.