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24. November 2011.

Representaives of South Serbia’s Albanians hailed the agreement on recognition of  university diplomas, which Belgrade and Pristina’s negotiation teams had reached in Brussels, since, according to them, education problems, to which they had been drawing attention for years, would finally begin to be solved.   

Ragmi Mustafa, President of the municipality of Presevo, said that the point at issue was the agreement that would be extremely useful to the Albanians from the three southern Serbian municipalities.  

Rahmi Zuljfiju, Leader of the Democratic Union of Albanians, whose political party, along with the Party for Democratic Action, participates in the operation of the Albanian National Council, said that he hoped no additional time would be spent on the new formalities related to the reached agreement, but that the agreement would become effective as soon as possible.   
However, Jonuz Musliju, President of the Municipal Assembly of Bujanovac, was skeptical about execution of the agreement.

MP Riza Haljimi commended the agreement on recognition of university diplomas, but, like Mr. Musliju, he had specific reservations about how the agreement would be executed.   
He pointed out that the said move of Belgrade and Pristina was extremely important, because it would offer to young Albanians the prospect of a better life and it would put a stop to their migration.