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20. September 2019.

Bujanovac, Presevo – The love of football brought young Albanian, Serbian and Roma girls together, who, wearing the jerseys of the Presevo women’s football club, train together and play football all over Serbia.

The only women's football club in this region, although founded only last year, can already be proud of a solid season in the Development League - Group South, especially because of 32 girls who train hard at the City Stadium in Presevo.

“We have girls from Presevo, Bujanovac and Vranje, who are of the Albanian, Serbian and Roma nationality, and who are linked by their love of football. Our doors are open to new members and we invite all girls who love football, sports and socializing to join us and become part of our club, "says Sherif Junuzi, the coach.

The WFC Presevo is competing for the second season in the Development League - Group South, in which girls from 10 to 15 years of age are eligible to play.

In the competition of 15 clubs and peers from Jagodina, Krusevac, Nis, Leskovac and Pirot, the female football players of the Presevo club ranked 5th on the table, with three wins in five matches played.

The only club from the Pcinj district in the league, which has been defending the colors of Presevo and South Serbia throughout the country, has been facing injustice since its founding.  

“Our club is unique not only for the beautiful and positive things we promote, but also, unfortunately, for being the only club in the municipality of Presevo that has not received a dime from the local self-government’s budget. Of course, finances are always a problem, but we are not giving up, "says coach Junuzi.

Girls interested in joining the club can do so on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30 pm at the City Stadium in Presevo.

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body