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27. May 2014.

Lower temperatures and a higher precipitation in April and May caused damage to the fruit growers of the Jablanica District, while the yield of some agricultural products, according to the experts, will be reduced by as much as 70 percent.

It is especially important for farmers, when daily temperatures increase in the coming period, to protect their orchards, considering that harmful organisms have appeared in many of them.  

“We are in the field on a daily basis and  have seen that cherry threes suffered most of the damage, the yield of which will be reduced by as much as 70 percent, while the yield of sour cherry trees will be reduced, too, "said Dusko Jovanovic, a fruit-growing advisor  with  the Agricultural  Advisory and Professional Office in Leskovac.

Heavy rains have made the sowing of corn difficult, as well as the development of emerged crops.  Farmers are advised to re-plant corn or other crops in the fields where water was retained longer and where the high level of water damaged them. Farmers are advised to sow the hybrids with shorter plant lives, due to the delay in sowing. 

Regarding the sowing of corn, it was competed in the Jablanica District in over 70 per cent of the total planned area, even though the optimal deadline for it had finished off.  

Source: South News and Coordination Body