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6. July 2020.

Vranje, Bujanovac, Presevo - There are currently 77 registered print and electronic media outlets in seven municipalities of the Pcinj district, reports the "Vranje lobby".

Around 200,000 inhabitants of the Pcinj district are informed through four print media outlets, 16 radio and 13 TV stations, 39 portals, three production facilities and two news bureaus.

Most media, a total of 27, operate in Vranje: six radio and TV stations, 12 portals, two production facilities and one news bureau.

It is followed by the municipality of Bujanovac, which has 24 registered media outlets: three print media outlets, three radio stations, two television stations, as many as 15 portals (most in the district) and one production facility.

The remaining 26 media outlets in the district, which is one third of the total number of media outlets, operate in Presevo (9), Bosilegrad (7), Vladicin Han (4), Surdulica (3) and Trgoviste (3).

When it comes to the make-up of the media outlets, portals are the most numerous ones, and there are as many as 39 of them, which is 51 percent of the total number of official organs in the region.

The oldest media house in the Pcinj district is Radio Television Vranje, which will mark 40 years of radio operation on September 7 this year, and 25 years of television operation on November 25.

The youngest media in the district is the "Slobodna reč" portal, which emerged in the media sky in mid-April this year.

According to the "Vranje lobby", the most read media in Vranje is the "Info Vranjske" portal.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body