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29. November 2018.

Presevo –  The forestation of Serbia activity, which is undertaken as part of the project "One Tree for One Warrior" is carried out in Presevo this week. The planting began on Tuesday, when 600 black pine seedlings were planted in memory of the Serbian soldiers killed in the First World War. 

 A total of 8,000 seedlings will be planted in Presevo by the end of the forestation campaign next week. 

Marking the outbreak of the First World War (1914-1918) began in 2014 when the Ministry of Justice – the Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions, in cooperation with JP "Srbijasume" and the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade, launched a wider social forestation project in Serbia that included the engagement of convicted persons.

The project named "One Tree for One Warrior" is a unique form of marking the Great War in Serbia, while 1.3 million seedlings will be planted to that effect - one tree for every killed Serbian soldier.

“The project aims to revive the memory of the heroic victims of the Serbian people in the First World War. As part of the social objective of the Project, the volunteer work of convicted persons should encourage a sense of their usefulness in society. Such engagement of convicted persons is compatible with the new tendencies in the system of execution of criminal sanctions - community service - which is imposed for minor crimes and misdemeanors," the “Srbijasume " company stated.

 The ecological goal of the project is to increase the area under forests, which is of an invaluable importance for the preservation of the environment, the quality of which is directly dependent on the degree of forest coverage.

As part of the project "One Tree for One Warrior," over 1,200,000 seedlings have been planted since 2014. The project will be completed this December, when the end of the project will be marked with an appropriate ceremony and the last of 1,300,000 seedlings planted.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body