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21. November 2017.

Bujanovac – The Municipal Council of Bujanovac adopted a decision on determining the maximum number of full-time employees in the system of local self-government for 2017.

Saip Kamberi, the Mayor of Bujanovac, said that the aforementioned decision was a sensitive issue because the total number of employees should be reduced by 40 persons and not only in the municipal administration. 

"Our intention is to resolve the issue with the employees who are close to retirement amicably or through the social program. We have 27 such employees, as well as 13 employees who have already accepted the social program, "Mayor Kamberi said.

According to him, if they were late with the adoption of the decision, the ministry’s sanction that threatened to suspend the transfer of funds from higher levels of the government would follow. 

Fadil Aliti, the Head of Municipal Administration, said that 507 full-time employees were approved in that local self-government for 2016, while 467 were approved for 2017.  

The "Komunalac" company has the largest number of employees that are close to retirement and it is expected that it would thereby contribute to the painless resolution of the issue. 

Source: Vranjske News and Coordination Body \