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26, November 2009

26. November 2009.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was yesterday signed by Italian companies „Ikaro“ and „Kozvik“ on the one side, and by the Leskovac Chamber of  Commerce  and the municipalities of Vranje, Bujanovac and Medvedja  on the other, should lead to making investments in renewable sources of energy through the use of thermal water springs in Vranjska, Bujanovacka and Sijarinska Spas.

Chairman of the Managing Board of”Kozvik” beleves that it would be easy to attract Italian investors, who would, by making investments, not only earn profits for themselves, but would also make savings for the population and economy. Their consortium in the Tuscany region includes 15 municipalities in which 6,000 households use thermal springs for heating. Thermal springs are also used for production of electric power.

Dragisa Popovic, a representative from the municipality of Medvedja, and Nebojsa Stojanovic from the Vranje local self-government point out that Vranjska and Sijarinska Spas meet all the conditions, but that it was necessary to invest millions of dinars in the implementation of the project. The construction of a 2 MW thermal power station, which can meet the needs of 2,000 households, costs four million euros. Goran Jovic, President of the Leskovac Chamber of Economy, says that that the Leskovac Chamber of Commerce has been cooperating with Italians for two years so far.

The power of wind is used for production of electric power in Tuscany. It’s a very lucrative business, since a municipality may earn as much as 180,000 euros per year from each company that is engaged in the production of such energy.