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24. January 2013.

Source: Tanjug Press Agency / According to the data provided by the Coordination Body’s Office, 102.5 million dinars were earmarked in 2012 for Presevo, 90.7 for Bujanovac and 28.8 for Medvedja.  The most important projects include the out-patient maternity ward and the Faculty of Economics.

The Coordination Body’s Office for the Municipalities of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja invested 222 million dinars in the improvement of the quality of citizens’ life in 2012 and, in proportion to the said funds, carried out fully all of its tasks scheduled for 2012. 

The said Office stated that 102.5 million dinars were, through various projects, invested in 2012 in Presevo, 90.7 in Bujanovac and 28.8 in Medvedja. The most important projects of this governmental body include the completion of the first phase of construction of an out-patient maternity ward in Presevo and preparation of the site for building Subotica’s Faculty of Economics’ Department.

Members of the Office are particularly proud of the fact that 40 million dinars were, for the first time, irrevocably placed in the economic development of small and medium-sized enterprises and in job creation, "in was said in the statement. 

Over the last two years, the Office provided the translation into Albanian of 77 textbooks for elementary school students, as well as 32 scholarships to the Albanian students studying at the University of Novi Sad. 

It was also pointed out that over the past four years, over 800 secondary school students without parents or those coming from socially disadvantaged families used the Coordination Body’s  scholarships, and  that thanks to the support of the British Embassy, a free  School of the Serbian language was, for the first time that year, ​​organized for 300 Albanians.  

The Office promised that, in accordance with the funds ensured by the Serbian government, it would continue to improve this year the quality of life of about 100,000 Serbs, Albanians, Roma and other residents of the three municipalities.

At this point it is clear that Bujanovac will get in 2013 a new building of the Faculty of Economics’ Department and that the out-patient maternity ward will be put into operation in Presevo. 

The Coordination Body’s Office said that the grants amounting to 60 million dinars would be put aside this year for the economic development of and job creation in Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja.

“In 2013, all textbooks for the third and fourth year of the Faculty of Economics will be translated into Albanian and all textbooks for pre-school and primary education will be provided”, the Office said.