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24. February 2017.

Belgrade - Junior primary school students of all primary schools in Serbia will, in the future, have physical activity for 15 minutes on a daily basis. The introduction of fifteen-minute exercises does not apply to senior primary school students, those from the fifth to the eighth grade, because the responsible persons gave up the idea of introducing that novelty that was planned for the beginning of the next school year.

The project "Let’s Move our Children" envisages the introduction of 15 minutes of physical activity for students from first to fourth grade of all 1,206 primary schools in Serbia. The aim is to prevent poor posture, spinal deformities, obesity and inactivity among young students. As noted, 70 percent of students in Serbia are not sufficiently physically active, while each fourth student is obese, and one in five has poor posture.

 “Our wish is for the sports to be present in schools as much as possible, "said Mladen Sarcevic,  the Education Minister. He added that it was agreed with the Ministry of Health to introduce health education as part of physical education, and that the school subject be called physical and health education.

Source: RTV Rhythm and Coordination Body