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19. August 2014.

The Privatization Agency is going to sell 502 companies that have, so far, been the property of the state, including the EI, MIN, Simpo SIK Kopaonik, Jumko, Prvi maj Pirot and many others.  

The Serbian government sees privatization as a solution to the former economic giants who are currently operating at a loss. Beside them, companies in the field of information and communication are also going to be sold. Such companies include Nis TV, Vranje RTV, Pirot TV, RTV Caribrod, Radio Bujanovac, Radio Leskovac, Radio Medvedja and Radio Pirot. 

All veterinary facilities and institutes in South Serbia will be privatized, too.    

The Sijarinska Spa Institute for Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation, Nis Spa and the Special Hospital in Bujanovac should also get new owners.

In addition to the long-time losers, such as MIN, EI and Jumko, the list also includes Bujanovac Heba, Bivoda, Kondiva, Nis-South Morava, Vodogradnja Vranje, Geoprojekt Group and the Empress town in Lebane.

Privatization is a solution to the so-called enterprises undergoing restructuring, and one of them is Nevena from Leskovac, which already has interested buyers.

Potential investors can send letters of interest until September 15, 2014, while the Privatization Agency will, after collecting the offers within 45 days, propose to the Ministry of Economy the privatization models for the companies for which there are interested buyers.

According to the Law on Privatization, the mandatory deadline for carrying out the privatization is the end of December 2015.

Source: South News and Coordination Body