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8. August 2012.

The first task of the "KAMOV" helicopter the extinguishing of fire near Bujanovac

As of yesterday, helicopter K-32, which carries five tons of water and has a six-member crew, is on the Nis airport "Constantine the Great", where it will be ready to respond in emergency situations until September 15, 2012. Djordje Babic, Deputy Head of the Serbian Ministry of Interior’s Emergency Situations Department, met a delegation from the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Civil Protection, Emergency Situations and Recovery from Natural Disasters and said that the aircraft might be immediately engaged in fighting a fire near Bujanovac.

3. August 2012.

Gender Equality in Presevo and Bujanovac

The UN PBILD Program, with its office in Bujanovac, continues this year one of its programs for a systematic development of gender equality in the local municipalities. Marina Babovic, the UN PBILD Program Coordinator for Integration, said that they were trying to incorporate the principles of gender equality policy into the system of local self- governments in the Pcinj and Jablanica districts.

2. August 2012.

Slobodan Draskovic, Mayor of Medvedja

Slobodan Draskovic was elected Mayor of Medvedja for the fourth consecutive term. Citizens surely have the reason why they entrusted the management of the municipality to him for the fourth time, while he explained why he had ran for the office for the fourth time by saying:

1. August 2012.


Young people in Bujanovac and Presevo got youth centers that should enable them to quickly achieve economic independence and potentially greater participation in decision making at the local level.

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