School of the Serbian language

School of the Serbian language

The Coordination Body’s Office received, in 2012, a grant from the British Embassy for organizing a seven-month free school of the Serbian language for young people aged  from 15  to 30. 250 students from Bujanovac and Presevo completed the school.

The Coordination Body’s Office organizes the Serbian language school in 2013, too, while the number of candidates that applied for it is 260, which is a far higher number than it was expected.

In both cycles, the language schools selected in the open competition were those whose teachers, in cooperation with teaching assistants from the Albanian community, helped young people from the two municipalities to learn and improve Serbian as fast as possible and in an interesting way as possible.  Free textbooks of the Foreign Language ​​Institute in Belgrade were provided to all the students.

This is a very important project for improving the knowledge of the Serbian language, which is a necessary prerequisite for encouraging the continued education of the Albanians in the Republic of Serbia, as well as their employment and integration.

Study on the Possibilities for Improving the Teaching and Learning of Serbian as a Non-Mother Tongue in the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja you can download here.